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Bon Image Video - New Orleans Wedding Videography

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New Orleans Wedding Video

My Wedding Video Story

This is Stephen and I am glad you are planning to have your New Orleans wedding on video. More than 20 years ago, when I got married, I hired a videographer for my wedding. He arrived late, he took more than 3 months to edit my wedding video, and when it was done, the quality was horrible and large portions of the final VHS tape were destroyed. I was hurt, and because of what I had gone through, I committed to help every couple I could get the best video for their wedding. I am driven by tears; tears of joy as newly weds, parents, relatives, and friends watch the video of a beautiful wedding day for the very first time. To me that brings the most satisfaction. Don't let anyone deprive you of the memory of the most precious day of your life. Let us take care of your wedding video coverage.

Bon Image - New Orleans Wedding Videography

Precious Memories in Immortal Beauty

Bon Image is a New Orleans video production house committed to crafting captivating and awesome cinematic wedding videos. We are a daddy and daughter team and we love to tell the story of your wedding day with beautiful cinematography, great sound, and outstanding editing skills. We want your wedding video to inspire the rest of your married life, and generations after you.

New orleans wedding videography

Why choose Us.Because we are Skilled.

You can totally relax and know that we will take care of your wedding memories. Our deepest desire is to see you enjoy your day, and relive it each day you watch your wedding video.

New Orleans Wedding Video

Why Trust Us.Because We are Reliable.

We have years of experience, we are mature, and we keep up with the latest trends and technology to ensure you have the best production for your wedding day.

New orleans wedding video

Why we are Passionate.Because a Wedding Video is Permanent.

We give each of our wedding videos the best of our efforts and keep improving each time because we know that the work we do will outlive us.

"The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more."


Some of the awesome couples we have worked with.

The Process

How we work with you to achieve your goal.


We take time to meet with you in person and listen to your vision for your day. We walk with you through the details of your wedding day and give you expert advice.


Using the best equipment and technology, we record your wedding video according to your expections without being distractive to the proceedings of the day.

Fine-tuning and Verification

We edit your video, giving you opportunities to sample and choose what you want included or eliminated, so that the final wedding videois the best it can be.


What Our Clients Say About Us

I can’t say enough how amazing our wedding video is, we are so proud to share it with our family and friends and so happy we get to watch it as many times as we want to feel that special moment again years later.

Diana and Marcus

We LOVE it!!!!!!!!!! You did such a wonderful job, and we could not be more pleased!. It looks so good!!! Our moms both cried while watching it, so I guess that is a good sign!

Lena and Nate

I absolutely loved the video. The music and the photography was amazing! Brought tears to my eyes! Thank You for the professional and personal attention you showed us. You did a great job. This video makes me emotional every time I see it ; it is outstanding.

Andy and Beth

Wedding Videography Packages

What Services Would You Like?


  • 1 Cameraperson
  • 3 Camera Angles
  • One Wedding Highlights Video
  • Delivered by Download
  • Up to 3 hours Coverage


  • 2 Camerapersons
  • 3 Camera Angles
  • Highlights and Full Ceremony Video
  • Delivery by Download
  • Up to 4 hours Coverage


  • Bridal Preparation Coverage
  • 2 Camerapersons
  • 3 Camera Angles
  • Wedding Highlights Video (5-10mins)
  • Full Feature Wedding Video (50-70mins)
  • Delivered on Flash Drive or Download
  • Up to 6 hours Coverage


  • Bridal Prep Coverage
  • Pre-wedding Interviews
  • Guest interviews
  • Multiple locations
  • 3 Camerapersons
  • 4 Camera Angles
  • Ceremony Highlights
  • Reception Highlights
  • Full Feature Wedding Video (50-70mins)
  • Special moments collection
  • Delivered on Flash Drive or Download
  • Up to 10 hours Coverage

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